Our Services

Chemical Etching

Our Northampton facility is one of the UK's leading centres for chemical etching. We can etch very intricate designs and lettering on a wide range of materials, such as brass, copper, bronze and stainless steel, giving your office or award plaques a high-level of prestige and quality.

Pictured: Chemically etched plaque for the High Commission of Malaysia.

Metal Laser Engraving and Cutting

OTOEL is home to cutting-edge Metal laser engraving technology that allows for absolute precision and unrivaled quality and value versus our competitors. It's why we are used not only by local businesses, but also world-famous organisations, companies and brands.

With out CNC router engraving machines, we are able to use a laser beam to laser engrave and cut almost anything. This includes electrical switches, acrylics, wood, laminates and cermarks onto metal.

Pictured: Laser engraved and cut shield for the Garda Síochána (Police) of Ireland.

Metal Coating and Polishing (VeroMetal®)

We are proudly the official UK partner, distributor, applicator and trainer of VeroMetal®, the world's leading metal coating and polishing brand.

Additionally, we have in-depth knowledge on how to maximise the impact and wow factor of your engraved or etched items, by applying a truly outstanding finish.

VeroMetal® is renowned for its ability to transform the appearance of wood and plastic into different types of polished metal. Therefore, you receive prestige-level quality aesthetics at a very reduced cost.

Pictured: VeroMetal metal coating and polishing applied to wood for brushed metal effect.

Mag-Slat Systems

Mag-slat systems are interchangeable placards that are widely used for doctor's offices, solicitors, universities and colleges. This can also include serviced offices, and anywhere with a high occupant turnover. OTOEL is the leading designer and manufacturer of mag-slats in the UK. We have hundreds of clients using our expertise for this service.

Pictured: Examples of mag-slat systems OTOEL are able to manufacture.

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics add the finishing touch to the offices or points of sale of many businesses. Furthermore, OTOEL is able to design and manufacture window graphics, wall graphics and posters, printed signage, banners, wallpaper, point of sale. In addition to, building banners, flexible faced signs, vehicle graphics, floor graphics and vinyl coverings.

Pictured: Vinyl graphics applied to the walls at Papa John's Nottingham.

Screen Printing

For more abstract signage solutions, OTOEL offers variety of screen printing services, including printing four colour process or spot colours. These can be onto a wide range of substrates and plastics using specialist inks such as thermochromic, photoluminescence and mirror.

Pictured: Screen print in progress for Chiltern Railways signage.