Meet the Team

The Team Behind The Magic | OTOEL Laser Etching and Laser Engraving Services

At OTOEL we pride ourselves in the work that we do. This is why we ensure that all work we provide is of the highest quality. Whether that be through our laser etching and laser engraving services, or any of the other services we provide. As a result, we make sure all team members are fully trained. Furthermore, they continue to master their craft, to ensure the best services available. In addition, we use several specialised machinery, that are team is well trained on. Also, this includes the use of the laser cutter, laser engraver for high quality laser etching. In addition, being trained in using several types of materials. This includes wood, acrylic, and stainless steel.

Lesley Webb

Managing Director Lesley is a dedicated and highly competent leader with 10 years experience in the trade. Prior to joining in the company she gained experience in retail and wholesale management.

James Ellis

Verometal Technical Consultant James Ellis has over 5 years expertise in the application and technical knowledge of Verometal.


Operations Manager VK has over 5 years experience in business operations & computer management. He has grown with the company and plays an important role in the company.