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Five benefits of chemical etching to achieve the best quality

Five benefits of chemical etching to achieve the best quality

Based on the requests from our clients we know that one of the most important criteria for them is quality. When personalising plaques, plates, awards you always need the highest standard so that the result represents the prestige of your company or event. In this article, we explain what the benefits of chemical etching are and how it guarantees the best quality for you while keeping the costs low compared to traditional processes.

#1 An unlimited variations of patterns for the same price

There are some processes where you pay based on the number of letters or engravings. In case of chemical etching, however, the whole pattern is etched simultaneously, so you don’t have to pay more if you want to have more motives or longer words etched.

#2 Lower tooling costs

Many traditional engraving methods require a tool to be made for each pattern which later cannot be used for any other work. This results in a price increase as each tool has to be paid for separately. Chemical etching tooling is produced digitally costing much less than traditional tooling.

#3 Burr-free cut to achieve a prestigious look

Some other cutting methods leave burrs, which ruin the appearance of the final product unless you pay extra to remove them. Chemical etching includes a burr-free component without any additional fees so that you have excellent plates or plaques reflecting the status of your company.

#4 Metal quality unchanged

When you want prestigious metal, like brass, stainless steel or titanium to be etched, it’s crucial to keep the metal unruined; otherwise, it won’t look valuable. While many other processes stress metal with heat or pressure, chemical etching doesn’t affect the properties of the metal. It keeps the same level of hardness and structure etched beautifully, based on your instructions.

# Cost-effective prototype production

We appreciate that it can sometimes be challenging to imagine how the end result will look like and you might want to make some changes after you see how it actually looks. Traditional methods don’t allow you to do that, as all the quantity has to be produced at once. If you want to modify things, it has to be processed again for an extra cost. As chemical etching tooling is less expensive we can provide a cost-effective prototype for you to check and approve. If you need some changes we can still do it, and produce the whole quantity when you are convinced it will look exactly how you imagined.

See how you can save on the costs of etching and have the perfect plates or plaques reflecting the prestige of your company or event. Ask for a quick online quote, send us a message or call us here.